Japanese Car Articles

Alloy Wheels – Buying Guide

Alloy Wheels – Buying guide to choosing the best alloy wheel for your needs and fitment.

Buying Breakdown Cover

A guide to the types of breakdown cover available and what to look for when buying

Buying Import Car Insurance

Guide to buying import and performance car insurance in the UK. Finding cheap car insurance for your import car.

Car Alarms – Car Security

Buying car alarms and immobilisers. Car security information.

Car Insurance Categories

Buying car insurance – risk categories by postcode area.

Choosing a Car Loan

Choosing a car loan – find out how to get the best deal.

Choosing and Buying a Nitrous Oxide Kit

Choosing and buying a nitrous oxide (N2O) system.

Drift Bible – DVD Review

Review of Best Motoring International’s DVD, Drift Bible featuring Keiichi Tsuchiya.

Drift Techniques

Introduction to the techniques used in drift competitions.

Drifting: Introduction

Information about Drifting as a sport and the drift cars. UK D1 Grand Prix and Drift Information.

GruppeM Civic Type R (EP3) Filter Ram Charger

Review of the GruppeM Filter Ram Charger for the Civic Type R.

Guide to Chassis Codes

A run down of the chassis numbers used to identify Japanese cars.

Iceman Cold Air Intake (CAI)

Review of the Iceman Cold Air Intake (CAI) for the Honda Civic.

Japanese Car Imports – FAQ

Japanese car import guide – buying from auction, agents and registering your imported car in the UK.

K&N Direct Replacement Filter – Civic Type R

Review of K and N Direct replacement filter for the Honda Civic Type R.

Koni and Eibach Suspension

Review of Koni adjustable suspension with Eibach Springs.

Morpheous Geodesy

Review of the Morpheous Geodesy speed camera detector.

Private Number Plate

Private number plates – information on buying and choosing a personalised number plate in the UK.

Spoon Sports LSD Review – Honda Civic Type R

Spoon Sports Limited Slip Differential (LSD) review as fitted to a Honda Civic Type R (2002 EP3 model).

Trackdays – Car Preparation

Trackdays – a guide to preparing your car for a track day. Trackdays are great fun and with the right preparation they can be even better.

Turbocharging – Basics

Introduction to how a turbocharger works

Yokohama A539

Review of Yokohama A539 tyres.