Latest Japanese Car News

Dedicated Track Civic Type R

18/09/2007 08:18:50

180907tnHonda Japan has announced a stripped-out version of their saloon-bodied Japan-only Civic Type R. …

Rally Legend Colin McRae Killed in Helicopter Crash

16/09/2007 13:04:42

Acclaimed rally driver Colin McRae and his son were among four people killed in a helicopter crash …

JDM Honda S2000 Type-S

12/09/2007 08:12:28

120907tnFollowing the preview of Honda’s S2000 Club Racer in April, a similar S2000 is to debut in Japan. …

186mph on UK Roads

05/09/2007 07:54:29

A bootleg DVD has been release showing footage of a Mitsubishi Evo 8 FQ320 and a Suzuki GSX-R 1000 …

Hondata Sets Four New Records

29/08/2007 07:57:41

290807tnHonda ECU wizards, Hondata took to Bonneville Salt Flats in their 2003 Acura RSX to clinch four …

Understanding The Dynamics Luxury Car Rentals

Deep inside most of us desire to have the best things in life. We would like to live in the most luxurious homes and enjoy the best quality of lifestyles. We would like our children to attend the best schools in the world and we would like to travel in the most luxurious cars that money can buy. But these desires have to coincide with a healthy balance in our bank accounts as well. And wouldn’t we all like to take our families on a luxurious vacation a few times a year? While all the above desires are quite legitimate, in most cases it becomes almost impossible for us to live the life we truly want. The biggest stumbling block is lack of money. In most cases we decide that compromise is the best way forward. Amongst the many things which we want badly is the pleasure and happiness associated with owning a luxury car. But luxury cars are expensive to own and maintain. While that stands true, there is still much left unsaid about the growing world of exotic car rentals with popular agencies like enVus Motors.

Japanese exotic cars for rent

Japanese exotic cars for rent

Many parents would like to see their children enjoying a few days in luxury car where the best of amenities and facilities are available. When we plan to get married, as the bride and groom we would like to travel in classy Limousines even if it is for a few hours. As teenagers we would like to remember the last day of our college. Many of us pool money together and hire a luxury car and spend their night out with our college mates and friends. Many business houses would like to treat their valuable customers and their senior employees with respect and pride. Towards this objective we would not mind, as entrepreneurs, to spend a few thousand dollars on hiring of the best luxury cars.

Hence there is continuous demand for luxury cars and it is continuing to grow at a brisk pace. However the market dynamics are not the same as it was a few centuries ago. This is because of a few obvious reasons. Today hiring of luxury cars is not restricted to the local market alone. Many of us travel across international boundaries and across continents and hot spots like Los Angeles and Orange County. We would not mind hiring a luxury car even when we are on such foreign tours. We would like to research, get complete information, gather the right knowledge like you would when researching the top powerlifting wrist wraps   and only then hire the luxury car of our choice. Therefore while there is an increasing market on the one side, on the other side we have customers whose demands are high and often difficult to meet.